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  • Range Hoods
  • Panels
  • Attic Ventilation
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Laundry Chutes
  • Foundation Ventilation
  • Downdrafts
  • Dryer Clean Outs
  • Pool Heaters


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Range Hoods

Range Hoods vary in size, shape, color and cost.
Possible looks and uses.

• Hood Liner w/Internal Blower
• Hood Liner w/External Blower
• Wall Mount Hood
• Island Hood
• Power Packs
• Custom Hood Liner - Any Size


Installed in any size and color on the backsplash
or cabinet walls.


Attic Ventilation
There are 3 ways to get heat out of your attic.

1. Cut a hole, set a cap.
2. Wind Turbines - operated be the wind;
covers about 600 square feet.
3. Power Vent - controlled by a thermostat;
ranging from 70 - 130 degrees and covers
about 2000 square feet.

Exhaust Fans
Exhaust fans have come a long way with many options
and many ranges of performance. Exhaust fans have
the capability of in-line, remotes and sensors. The best
way to explain exhaust fans is to find out its use and
purpose, then pick your fan.

• Cigar Rooms • Shower Areas • Laundry Rooms
• Bathrooms • Warehouse • Clinical Areas

Foundation Ventilation
Helps with the movement of air -reducing possible
standing water and helping with mold issues.

Required for pier-beam homes
Operated by a timer or humidistat


Can be vented in the slab or up and out to the outside
Range in its maximum length of duct run
Can have cabinet blower, in-line blower or remote blower

Dryer Clean Outs
Is your dryer vent working properly?
Three signs to look for:
1. It takes a long time for your clothes to dry
2. There is a collection of water on the floor;
or the wall becomes saturated
3. The surface of the dryer is hot to the touch

Laundry Chutes

Installation of a galvanized metal lining into a
laundry chute for moving clothes from room to room.

Pool Heaters
An exhaust flue is required when
a gas pool heater is in an enclosed area.


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